Meridian Tavaci Studio Policies

In order to maintain the quality of our program, Tavaci has the following policies:    

1. Please make weekly attendance of utmost importance and excitement!  Consistent attendance leads to high engagement and the best learning.  If you cannot get your child to class, please notify your teacher via email. No more than 2 classes may be missed in a semester. If your child wishes to perform in the final concert they must make up a class if they miss more than 2. Make-up lessons are $30 for 30 min lesson and are available in person or online. 

2. Please be on time. Drop off and pick up should be within 5 minutes of the start and end time of class. Our warm-ups and new concepts are always taught at the start of class and it is critical that your child is present for these for them to sing in a healthy way for the remainder of the class. If parents are dropping off/picking up more than 5 minutes before or after class, Meridian Tavaci reserves the option to charge parents an extra fee.

3. Before class please make sure your child has used the bathroom, gotten a drink, eaten something, and left all snacks and toys in the car.  Class time is packed, and teachers cannot supervise these kinds of interruptions.  

4. Tuition is charged by the season, not by the lesson. Tuition may be paid by the year, bi-yearly, or broken into automatic recurring monthly installments for your convenience. For those who choose automatic recurring billing, tuition will be withdrawn on the 5th  of each month September 2022- May of 2023. Upfront payments will be withdrawn on the 5th of September. Tuition payments made after the due date will be assessed a $10 late fee. The late fee will be assessed the Monday following the tuition due date.

5. Costumes are fun way to make our concerts extra special or the performers and audience. I understand that I will be responsible for purchasing a standard costume for my child. Every effort will be made to reuse costumes for as many semesters as possible, so far as materials and suppliers are available. I understand that I will need to repurchase a new costume when my child outgrows his/her current costume, or when new costumes are required. 

6. I understand that ALL tuition payments, registration fees, and costume fees are non-refundable.I understand that I will not receive a tuition refund for missed classes or for discontinuing the program. There are 30 lessons per year. Enrollment in the Tavaci program purchases a spot in the class for the full school year which means you are responsible for the payment of the full semester even if you miss lessons, take weeks off, or quit in the middle of the year. If you drop out at any time during the year, you agree to pay the remaining tuition installments. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will include loss of job, severe illness, moving.

7.The first 3 weeks of the semester are considered open Tavaci weeks. Students may bring a friend to try the class if there are any open spots available in their class. The 4th-week classes will only be available to enrolled students.

8. I agree to read the parent emails.

9. I understand my child may be photographed or videotaped for promotional, training, or social media purposes. We never share full names of children or any personal details. To opt-out of this, please contact meridiantavaci@gmail.com 

10. Finally, at Meridian Tavaci, we want you to know how much we value and respect your time, energy, and costs to make this program happen.  Participating in Tavaci can be time-consuming, particularly towards the end of each semester. We are confident that our time together will be well spent, as your child develops skills and talents that they will be able to utilize throughout their lives. 

Thank you so much for supporting our program. We love our Tavaci students and families!